Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My definition of dumb blonde women

I have a very few handpicked number of friends. Why’s that? Because I hate dumb, blonde women. Gosh, those insecure women who need constant reminders from their loved ones how pretty and beautiful they are and the regular selfie pictures, aren’t they the most irritating and useless to hang out with? I hate them. I really do. I cannot tolerate them.

These women does not have any depth in them, doesn’t know how many people in this world suffer even from the basic things like food. The only thing that matters to them is their boyfriends! I’m not against falling in love, I mean something totally different.  If they have a phone and an internet connection (why I’m highlighting only internet? Coz whatsapp, facebook and viber have replaced all other things) they can survive. Even without Food!

Why can’t they grow up for once? Why cant they learn that there’s more to life than wasting time in digital things? They are too dumb to even realize that. As soon as they upload a facebook photo they need to know how many likes they get, how many comments? The more the better. Their self-confidence depends on the number of likes and comments they get. For example:

  • ·         0 likes – my God! I’m ugly, no one likes me, no one cares about me
  • ·         10 likes – is this all my friends can do? Aren’t I looking sexy enough?
  • ·         50 likes- I’m feeling good and pretty
  • ·         More than 100 likes – Oh my Gawd!!! I’m so damn sexy, everyone likes me.

So this is the story of most of the girls. It’s pathetic and sad to see people in my same gender suffer from this “selfie obsession”. I’m not against them but I definitely don’t want to be with them. Its torture to see people taking selfies in every damn place they go to. They take pictures with their towels, panties and what not and this attract all the perverts. And then they finally blame the guys who come after them telling that they are actually perverts?? I mean, isn’t it the same girl who posted those pictures? We shouldn’t blame the guys; it’s not their fault for being attracted to makeup, boobs and asses.

I found this article randomly from which I have taken this quote “American Psychiatric Association (a real body) had classified “selfitis” as “the obsessive compulsive desire to take photos of one’s self and post them on social media”, further defining three strands of ‘selfitis’: ‘borderline’, ‘acute’ and ‘chronic’ - depending on the frequency with which individuals’ indulged.” There are no proof as to which this is actually true or whether they have actually done this research. But I believe that is true. 

What do you guys think?

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