Thursday, October 6, 2016

Living a life of regret

I usually do not regret the decisions I take because I consider all the factors before I take one. But this one decision, what might have been the make or break of my career and life, will be the biggest regret I will have in life. There is no telling whether that would have been the real case, but right now, with what is happening around me, with the information I have, I utterly regret it. I have never dealt with situations like this before. I have been through a lot including family issues, unemployment, relationships etc, but this is unchartered territory to me. I have never gotten a chance to deal with regret.

Will I ever get through this? Will I ever stop thinking about “what if”? I do not know. Maybe this is the Universe’s way of teaching me a whole new lesson or maybe, just maybe, this is His way of punishing me for taking a wrong decision. I want to come out of this, I want to move past this and think about the future. They say time is the biggest healer, yet so far, time has not been on my side, ever. People say that bigger and better things are yet to happen, but nothing good has ever happened to me in the last 3 years.

I know I got to stay positive throughout the days. That is the only way to attract positive things. But how can I look at the positive when the negative is right in front of my face? How can I look at the positive when I’m pretty certain that the decision I took is a wrong one? Was it wrong one really?

Shall we analyze it and see? Ok..imagine that I got the job after going for that interview. Imagine I’m working there. What guarantee do I have that it’ll be the rosy picture I imagine it to be? What guarantee do I have that I won’t have any issues there? What if I don’t get the job after all? Only time would tell, only God would show me.

I have learnt so many things over the last couple of years. This is one more lesson to learn isn’t it? How to deal with regret. I usually come up with a way of dealing issues, but for this I’m yet to find out the magical formula. Or maybe there are no magical formulas to help with this. Maybe the only way to live through this is to believe that things will be ok down the line. I want it to be. I want to be able to move past this. I do not want to be thinking about the lost opportunity. What can I do? Can anybody help me with this?

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